Daily Wet Dream

I dreamed about us last nite, We went out singing, u sang too, when we got home,we slipped a quick drink of good Red Wine and Kissed, I got you by the hand and we went to my Bedroom together, we slowly slipped our clothes off, piece by piece, we got in bed very naked and then we embraced snugly, kissing and feeling of each others bodies, I moved down and kissed all around your already hard nipple, then,I slowly flicked it with my tongue, then Put it in my mouth and slowly sucked on it, feeling of your thighs opening wide and wider, as I sucked, I moved my hand slowly down to your pussy lips, slowly moving my fingers back an forth then feeling your moisture seeping out, I slowly slipped a finger inside you, then feeling your goodness, I put my finger in my mouth, you tasdte so good an sexy, I moved my head down to rest on your open thigh, then I licked all around your already juicy pussy, I slowly slid my tongue inside your wett pussy lips then sliding into your goodness as far as I could go, then I got your clit in my lips, slowly rubbing my tongue back an forth, you moan and grasp my already very hard dick and start stroking it back an forth, Then you lick all around the big head, then slowly slide it into your open Mouth and slowly suck on it, making me feel so wonderful, then your pushing your body and pussy closer to my sucking mouth, your buttocks getting tighter an tighter, I get on top of you inside your open thighs and you slide my big dick head back an forth inside your wet juicy pussy lips, then put the big head just at your pussy mouth, I slide inside you very slowly, slower to the goodness of your fingering pussy walls grasping at my big dick head, I finally get just on your juicy pussy bottom and we kiss an slowly kiss and then I start to ease back an forth as your wonderful pussy walls suck my long dick until my dick head is about to explode, it gets bigger and harder with every stroke, back an forth, back an forth, I moan and feel your pussy getting tighter an tighter, I slam my big dick to your pussy bottom as we both cum an cum, your wonderful pussy quivering and jerking to no end as I spurt my good warm cum inside you and out, we rest for a short while and go again an again, sweet girl, I woke up so happy this morning, love you


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